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#2: Every BODY Is Different. Empower it! Embrace it!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Happy #WomenWednesday! Ladies, you are beautiful, you are strong, you fearless, you are diligent, you are intelligent, you are sophisticated, you are innovative, you are simply amazing! When God made women, He really did make a good thing. The skin that you’re in, the body that you are in is absolutely positively a beautiful masterpiece whether you feel like or not, or whether you see it or not. Do not let the world measure your beauty, YOU measure or define YOUR OWN beauty. Love every stretch mark, freckles, pimples, sections, curves, extra thickness, scars, dents, wrinkles, etc. LOVE YOU FIRST! You only have ONE body. Are you going to spend your whole entire life comparing your body to some else and degrade it? Or you would you cultivate it and speak life into it? Here is a challenge that I want you ladies to partake in: Write down 10 things you LOVE about yourself for 3 days. Sit down, look at the mirror, and think about the things that you love about yourself and write it down. It may be challenging for some and easy for others, but the whole purpose is to help you see how “wonderfully fearfully made” (Psalms 134:14) you are. Give it a shot!

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