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#25: "Intermission!: Eating right and eating good for Thanksgiving!"

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

It’s intermission time ladies and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We’re take a good breather from “Let’s Talk About Her” Series and focus on eating healthier on Thanksgiving! So I know a lot of you girls already completely OVER IT on eating healthy on that delicious day. Listen, I totally understand. Lol But don’t forfeit your health and fitness goals. Don’t throw it ALL away for one and maybe a couple if you have delicious leftovers. You CAN STILL EAT GOOD AND EAT RIGHT ON THANKSGIVING! Yes it’s actually possible. The key thing is MODERATION. Check out some lovely tips on how to eat right and eat good for Thanksgiving! What are you guys cooking for Thanksgiving day?



  • Incorporate healthy substitute ingredients in your baking and cooking for better heart health.

  • If you’re not hosting or cooking, bring a healthy dish to share.

  • Maintain meal and snack schedules to avoid a sluggish metabolism.

  • Practice mindful eating. Make conscious food choices and keep tabs on what you are consuming

  • Drink water. Combat the urge to over-indulge in pre-meal treats by drinking plenty of water instead.

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