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My Beauty and Self-Worth is in Him...

​Do you guys know that I'm not of fan of taking selfies of myself or videos of myself? 

​Do you guys know that I'm not of fan of taking selfies of myself or videos of myself? For real, I really don't if you look at my Instagram or my Facebook. You see, I used to have low self-esteem and I would never see myself a beautiful or wonderfully and fearfully made woman. I didn't see myself as a masterpiece. I didn't see myself in a positive way. I USED to see myself as a disaster, a mistake, a curse, worthless, and more. Whenever someone calls me beautiful, it was definitely hard for me to believe it because I personally couldn't see it myself. Whenever someone says "God is going to do great things through you" but it was hard for me to believe that because I can't see it for myself cause I felt I wasn't qualified due to my past. You see the pattern there? I couldn't see it for myself. I had asked God to SHOW me my self-worth, my purpose, my identity in Him. I wanted to know how does He feel towards me and what does He thinks of me. And guys....He did just that and so much MORE. I have a mirror in my room with scriptures reminding me that I'm wonderfully and fearfully made and that my beauty comes from within, and that God sees the best in me, that I'm the head and not the tail, etc. I had to quote it many times whenever I don't feel like I'm beautiful or valuable. THIS. TOOK. TIME. I had to get healed from those issues. This process was not a one-day thing, it took some years because I doubted God and myself. But not anymore because I've witness His glory, I've witnessed His presence, His love towards me, His affection towards me and more. Now, I am satisfied with Him and Him alone. So what I'm saying is, that your self-worth, your value, your purpose, your identity is of God. If this post doesn't apply to you, thank you for taking your time out to read this but this is for the people who are struggling in this area. You are not alone guys. ​ #imawitness#Godcaresaboutyou #Helovesyou

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