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Need Guidance?

Need guidance? Don't know where to go in this season? 

Need guidance? Don't know where to go in this season? Ask the Lord for guidance. He will direct your footsteps IF you trust and submit unto Him. There were times when I personally felt lost like standing in the middle of a crossroad. There were also times when I tried to figure it out by myself, but that just ends up being a BIG fail. Despite what you feel, think, hear, or see what's in front of you, God is with you and He will guide you. You have to trust Him. You have to trust Him with your life, family, marriage, relationships, friendships, school, finances, and more! Is it hard to trust God? Of course! But why put your trust in people when they are capable of making mistakes when you can trust God who does not make a mistake, who always keeps His word, who never forget about you, who never lie to you. Matthew 24:35 said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Which means if God said He going to save your family, He will do it. If He said that He will open doors for you or He going to do great things in your life, He will absolutely do it. Trust God and let Him guide you through this. He will protect you, uplift you, strengthen you, and more. He knows your future and He still has a plan just for you. ​

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