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Trust In God's Timing

“TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven:” Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭AMP‬‬

So, I was in church enjoying praise and worship. I was giving God my all. I was jumping and leaping and singing praises unto Him. But, at the corner of my eye, I saw this dude was doing the same thing and I had to look to figure out who is this person. I was trying to be discrete and peeped over there and fortunately, my eyes truly didn't deceive me. This dude was going in (meaning he was giving his all) into praise and worship! It was a beautiful sight! I LOVE when I see a guy genuinely praise God and not afraid to show it. It's seriously attractive to Christian girls. But not only he was giving God his all, he was also handsome too! **Bonus** So what I'm basically trying to say that it was hard NOT to look at him. He was tall, looked matured, nicely groomed, and he's muscular. But wait! Just wait, I am aware that the way I described him may seem, I was lusting after this dude (I almost did but thank you Lord He pumped my brakes) But I wasn't. I was simply helping you, readers, to get a good illustration of what kind of man that I was looking at. This man definitely had my attention. But there was an issue that hindered me. He's a minister. I never dated ministers nor be interested in one. As a PK (preacher's kid) myself, I've met some pastors, bishops, ministers, etc. who was prideful, corrupted, boastful, manipulative and deceiving with an unattractive heart (Keep praying for them though!). It was typical for a PK to marry a pastor and becomes First Lady and blah blah blah. Clergymen weren't my highest preference. However, I was willing to make an exception for this handsome dude that I saw in the church.(lol) I was surprised that I didn't pay attention to him earlier because I realize he always goes to that church. So I thought it was God who unleashes the veil and shown me, my husband. But I wasn't so sure. So I prayed. I prayed during praise and worship, asking God to give me clarity and if he isn't the one for me, help me not to catch feelings. Cause a lot of girls like myself, can have feelings for a man and the man absolutely have no idea about it nor have any type of feelings to reciprocate towards you. We created this whole fantasy or illusion that this man could be really interested in me. When in reality, this man never ever texted you, talk to you, asked you out, etc. and yet we still choose to believe and make excuses that he could have feelings for you and that you guys belong to each other. Let's stop doing that ladies. We are actually hurting ourselves more than we can ever know. When a man is truly interested in you, he will pursue you INTENTIONALLY. He will make ways to communicate with you, ask you out, he will invest in you. He will let you know.

So back to the story, this dude was becoming a distraction. Every time I go to church, I started looking for him there. I remembered I add him on Facebook and nothing happened. I wanted to be pursued, not the pursuer cause I've done that many times. I remembered that I had to pray to the Lord to help me to be free from this distraction because I wanted to enjoy the service and be blessed by it instead of focusing on this dude. And what's worst is, this dude never approached me! My church does "meet and greet" when you hug everybody at the church and this dude comes over to my side and hug everybody but me. I was like are you serious??? like did my breath smell, did I looked offensive, did I look taken cause I was sitting with my guy friends so it could be a chance this dude probably thought I was in a relationship with one of them. But that doesn't mean you avoid me at all cost! I was venting to the Lord about that. I told the Lord it cannot be me. I looked very beautiful and appropriate. I wanted to get to know this dude. I wanted to earn his friendship to get more insight of him to see if we could be "more than friends". But then the Lord spoke to me saying that it's not time. I was still healing from the stuff that I've gone through from previous unhealthy relationships. There was a lot of areas in myself that needed to be cut out, clean out, and sew up. And the harsh truth about this whole situation is, he's not into me.

Songs of Solomon on chapter 8 verse 4 says “Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right.” [NLT‬‬] God's timing is right! It's always right. You may not see it now, or not understand it right now, but you will in the future. It's kind of like kids getting so anxious to open their Christmas presents. If the child opens their presents early, by the time Christmas comes, they won't be so as excited when they have gotten them the first time. It's like cracking a chicken egg prematurely to see the baby inside of it but all you see is yoke and egg white and completely ruin the growth of a chicken egg. BE PATIENT AND WAIT. I had to tell myself that over and over, because in this present world, a lot of people getting married, having beautiful babies, etc. The social media networks made it looked good! It made it look like the latest fashion trend and I wasn't up to date with it. But I had to remember that I CAN NOT repeat CAN NOT compare my life to someone else's. Comparing your life to someone else's life is NOT a good thing to do. God has a story, an assignment, a destiny for each of you to fulfill. We're all taking different paths. He didn't say to copycat someone. He would lead you to people who can pour into your life and build you up but not simply replicate them and their life. Stay in your lane and focus on the lane that God has for you.

So the main point of this whole topic is God's timing is PERFECT. It seriously is. Whether it's a concern with a job that you're eager to get or a promotion, or that business you want to get started, basically anything else! Trust in God's timing.

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